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I can’t say I haven’t benefited from personal gain in this career; in fact, I’ve earned enough to never have to work again if I so choose.I see my career not so much as a contribution to society, but as a transaction with society. If I did it for free, I would be inclined to call it a contribution.This is a bit of a riff off of the previous question. Can you imagine someone asking this to Lebron James? Nobody asks this to performers, athletes, executives, janitors, teachers etc, so why would it apply to physicians? If the supply becomes too low or the demand quite high, perhaps changes could be made to make the job more enticing.“You’re so good, why don’t you play in a game every night? Instead, we see increasing layers of bureaucracy, frustrating implementation of electronic health records, lengthening and tedious credentialing applications, new metrics and patient satisfaction measurements, etc…

If the expectation is that everyone who has benefited from public education goes on to do something that benefits society, I feel pretty good about what I’ve done, even if I only work a dozen years as anesthesiologist. That is not true of numerous professions, some of which genuinely hurt people and exist largely for personal gain.

I think people who believe this simply haven’t really thought the whole thing through logically.

First of all, the state government didn’t pay any of my tuition.

I’ve invited our own Physician on FIRE to assist me in addressing these issues.

It’s not really a Pro/Con, since we’re both pretty much in agreement, but I hope to give you two perspectives on each of these subjects. I guess the idea is that because the state government paid some portion of your med school tuition and Medicare dollars were used to pay your salary during residency that you cannot retire early.

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