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One in three teens sends more than 100 text messages a day, or 3000 texts a month.Daily text messaging by teens to friends has increased rapidly since early 2008.Parents exert some measure of control over their child’s mobile phone – limiting its uses, checking its contents and using it to monitor the whereabouts of their offspring.In fact, the latter is one of the primary reasons many parents acquire a cell phone for their child.Those phones have become indispensable tools in teen communication patterns.

At the same time, low income teens are much less likely to be on family plans.

Yet both also cite new tensions connected to cell phone use.

Parents and their teenage children say they appreciate the mobile phone’s enhancement of safety and its ability to keep teens connected to family and friends.

That is a sharp rise from the 51% of teens who were texters in 2006. Among all teens, their frequency of use of texting has now overtaken the frequency of every other common form of interaction with their friends (see chart below).

Fully two-thirds of teen texters say they are more likely to use their cell phones to text their friends than talk to them to them by cell phone.

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