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Goethe characterized some of them as "excellent and worthy of comparison with Solomon's Song of Songs." In 1824, he sent a copy of his folksong collection to Jacob Grimm, who was enthralled particularly by The Building of Skadar which Karadžić recorded from singing of Old Rashko.

Grimm translated it into German and the song was noted and admired for many generations to come.

In lieu of proper writing paper he was lucky if he could get cartridge wrappings.

Throughout the whole region, regular schooling was not widespread at that time and his father at first did not allow him to go to Austria.

Karadžić continued his education in the Tronoša Monastery in Loznica.

As a boy he learned calligraphy there, using a reed instead of a pen and a solution of gunpowder for ink.

Another equally diligent collaborator of Vuk Karadžić was another namesake from Boka Kotorska the Priest Vuk Popović.

Both Vrčević and Popović were steadily and uselfishly involved in the gathering of the ethnographic, folklore and lexical material for Karadžić.

He was also the author of the first Serbian dictionary in his new reformed language.

Porodica Prvobitnih vampira zaklela se pre hiljadu godina da će, bez obzira na sve, ostati uvek zajedno na okupu. Tragedije i želja za što više moći je razorilo tu porodicu.

Hibridni vukodlak Klaus Mikleson (Joseph Morgan) dobije tajanstvenu dojavu da se u Nju Orleansu kuje zavera protiv njega.

After unsuccessful attempts to enroll in the gymnasium at Sremski Karlovci, for which 19-year-old Karadžić was too old, Karadžić left for Petrinja where he spent a few months learning Latin and German.

Later on, he left for Belgrade, now in the hands of the Revolutionary Serbia, in order to meet the highly respected scholar Dositej Obradović, and ask him to support his studies. Disappointed, Karadžić left for Jadar and began working as a scribe for Jakov Nenadović.

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