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Much nicer looking than Second Life with more customization options than you’ll probably ever want to use. I wouldn’t call it excellent but it’s definitely a slicker look and feel than Second Life.Moving around is easy enough, and once short-cuts and mouse options are learnt it’s a pleasurable interface to use.Banking is also taken seriously, unlike the unregulated wild west of Second Life with it’s various in-world ponzi schemes.Entropia Universe recently sold 5 banking licenses for the amazing sum of 4,000 USD.

Like Second Life, the in-world currency in Entropia Universe can be converted to US dollars.

Entropia Universe offers the best of both Second Life and World of Warcraft style virtual worlds.

The creativity and capitalism of Second Life can be experienced along with solid game play and decent graphics.

It all sounds great on paper, but how does it actually play?

Signing up is free, though personal details are not optional.

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